Even Tim Lincecum cleans his own shoes…

Well, hello there Crazy Legs. I see you trying to sneak into Scottsdale Stadium unnoticed by eager fans waiting for their “Timmy Sighting.” Don’t worry. I won’t tell.

Well, hello, Crazy Legs.

But seriously, what’s the haps, Lincy? Will I ever get to see you pitch live? Aha, time to change out of your cleats. FYI, my kid is taking notice.

Dude. I know you can fire a ball at an alarming speed but hello, you are super slow at the changing of the shoes. Is this a boy thing? Because my little guys? Almost as slow as you. Better hurry up or you’ll soon be hearing the relentless cry of  “Tim! Tiiiiiiimmmmmmy!”

What is this I see? You are cleaning your cleats to rid them of dirt? Um, can you do that again so my Big Kid can witness Mr. Two-Time Cy Young Award Winner taking care of his own shoes? Because this is one thing you do that I am totally okay with him copying. (It would be okay if you showed him how to throw a changeup someday, too. Just sayin’.)

No? It’s alright. The photographic proof I have on hand is quite enough. Catch you later.


We’re back from Spring Training with tales to tell. For now, this’ll do.


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