The advice Buster Posey gave my boys…

In which I ask Buster Posey a question...

Pablo Sandoval, Madison Bumgarner and Buster Posey sat a few feet away from me talking about the past season with host Doug Greenwald (the voice of the Fresno Grizzlies, for those of you who are not baseball junkies). Doug stood up and said it was time for a little Q&A with our “panel.”

It took me all of two minutes and I was ready to chat the chat with the big boys on stage.

I directed my question to Buster Posey.

Wait. First I told him what a joy it was to watch him play baseball. A joy, I said, and I explained how our family spent many a night watching him play in the minors, and then I had to stop before I began my Ode to Buster.

I asked him to talk about his work ethic, not just in baseball, but in life. In every single article I’ve read about him, he talks about how, for him, it’s not enough to give 100 percent. He believes that if you’re not giving 110 percent, why bother? And I like that about him. He says things that you want to print out and frame in your kid’s room. Like  “You should shoot for high standards, and believe they’re obtainable.”

So, with my boys in tow, I asked if he could talk about that a bit more as it relates to school (he was an excellent student) and life. I told him we talk to our boys about effort and about how when you want something to happen in your life, you have to work hard to make it happen.

And here is what Buster Posey said:

“First, I’m going to tell your sons this: Listen to your mom and dad.”

Me & Buster Posey.
When I met him later on as he signed my SF Giants cap, I thanked him for giving me Parenting Gold.

Because in my back pocket, in those moments when I need it most, I have the words: “Do you remember what Buster Posey told you?”

3 thoughts on “The advice Buster Posey gave my boys…

  1. Terrific! Cute pic, too. Just had my boy read your post, and he reminded me that he was watching Buster back when he played at Florida State. He’s not sure he can ever forgive him, however, for taking Rookie of the Year away from Jason Heyward. 🙂

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