Morning rituals.

The most important part of my morning is when I wake up. That second, when I open my eyes and see the sunlight streaming in my windows, means I get another day to do the thing. To make the magic. All the phrases that basically mean I will get shit done. I will do the things that take me one or two steps closer to whatever I’m working on.

In Mason Currey’s book, Daily Ritual, he details the rituals of more than 100 artists, from Picasso to my favorite, Jane Austen. We learn what they do to open their creative doors. 

For me, the second most important part of my morning is my daily ritual: making my latte. It’s the slow, deliberate, five-minute process of brewing espresso and steaming milk. A flow so etched in my mind that I don’t even think about what I’m doing.  

It takes place long before my teenage boys are awake, before my husband is out of the shower. My only company is my dog. Which makes it the only time of day when our house is still. And so in those five minutes, my mind strolls the day ahead. To set my intention. What step *will*l I take? How will I create joy?

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