Writing Classes.

I offer writing workshops for small groups of students. I try to keep the class size to 10 or less young writers, depending on the age and class offering. My workshops vary in theme, focus, and length. I’m also available to lead workshops at your (100 percent cat-free) home if you’d like to host a 8-10 week workshop on a Saturday or Sunday. Please contact me if you are interested more information.

Sample workshops include:

Tween/Teen Writing Course: Create a Digital Zine 
This teen writing course will blend creativity with reality as students  learn the basics of news and lifestyle reporting and create a digital zine, updated weekly.  Class time will include a lesson and exercise on different news writing styles and how to research stories. We’ll have an editorial planning discussion where we decide what to include in the next week’s “issue” and assign stories with a real publishing deadline. Weekly “beats”  will rotate and could include current events, lifestyle, sports, media, fashion…the final decision will be based on the class interests. Students will be required to work on their stories during the week to meet a Friday publishing deadline. Stories will receive detailed feedback and students will work through the editing process.

Young writers (Ages 9 – 11)
Young writers will participate in various creative writing projects designed to help them explore their voices. The first session starts with students creating their writing journals and will also learn how to use them (secret: it’s not just for writing!). Each class will include a short journaling exercise before we focus on our themed project. Every writing project will include artwork.

This is Me. 
Writers will pen and illustrate the story of their lives…so far. We’ll spend our time working on first drafts, revising our work, and creating the artwork to accompany their words — including front and back covers as well as “early reviews.” I encourage students to write his out by hand as a true time capsule!

A Pet Anthology 
What if our pets could read? Better yet, what stories would we want our pets to read?! Kids will learn about animals and how animals listen and respond to words. We’ll decide as a class, based on specific pets, what traits their pet stories should contain and then they’ll write a story for their favorite animal! We’ll take these stories and publish it for the class as an anthology.

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