I’ve written more articles and essays than I can count. I’m sharing my favorites, which cover original news reporting, front-page features, first-person essays, and of course, the short-form…blog posts.

You can always tell when a reporter loves his or her assignment because the story told just pops. I hope you enjoy reading these stories because I definitely had the most fun writing all of them.


Always a contractor’s daughter. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Parting with a baby’s clothes is a mother’s sweet sorrow. (San Francisco Chronicle)

And baby makes–a mess. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Home & Garden.

Home is where the history is. (San Francisco Chronicle Magazine).

Climbing the walls. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Readying the garden for the stork’s arrival. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Revolving exhibits: Display wall enlivens children’s arts and crafts. (San Francisco Chronicle)


Is there such a thing as a role model in baseball? (Yahoo! Shine)

Get stains out of sports uniforms like a pro. (Yahoo! Shine)

Tutoring, tennis a net game. (San Francisco Chronicle)


8 things you should never say to a mom.  (Yahoo! Shine)

5 tips to help prevent youth sports injuries.  (Yahoo! Shine)

5 things parents shouldn’t say to their kids (Yahoo! Shine)


Pinterest food tips that really work. (Parentables.com)

How to make pomegranate-infused vodka. (Parentables.com)

Healthy Living.

Why aren’t you getting a good night’s sleep? (Parentables.com)

Just because.

New Rick Springfield album gets jolt from fans. (San Francisco Chronicle)

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