Joy in a bowl.

holy guacamole!

Can guacamole bring you joy? Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes.

Guacamole is infinitely adaptable. As long as you have a ripe avocado, you can create a guacamole dish as simple or complex as your feelings.

On this particular Sunday, I was grilling burgers and wanted a spicy avocado garnish. I had a single ripe avocado sitting on my kitchen shelf and my feels were telling me to grab the Serrano pepper, a lime, and red onion from the refrigerator, and the chili powder, Kosher sea salt, and freshly ground pepper from our spice drawer.

Julia Child taught me to put all my ingredients together on a pretty board or dish before I start cooking. Seeing the vibrant colors of my ingredients palette displayed on a wooden cutting board gives me all the artist vibes Also? It’s practical; I know I have everything I need to make guactastic magic. This is clearly Julia’s intention.

I dice and slice in slow motion. I’m in no rush: the afternoon sun streams through my kitchen window, and music plays in the background. My dog lies at my feet, waiting for the smallest bit of food to drop off the kitchen counter.

The avocado gets mashed and the rest of the ingredients are tossed into the small bowl. Mix, mix, mix. Taste. Mix, mix, mix.

I plate it. That’s a fancy way of saying I take the guacamole from the prep bowl and put it in a nicer one––my edible art on display.

Working in the kitchen slows time if you let it. A 10-minute endeavor can feel like an hour, a quick meditation that rewards you with extra energy and a clear(er) mind. Others can enjoy your creation; you’re sharing joy.

And if you’re lucky, that joy is some excellent guacamole.*

*You can find my recipe and a quick how-to over on my YouTube channel.

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